Election 2k16- what a time to be alive…for a little bit longer

If we are Facebook friends, there are two things that will make me unfollow you, even if you’re my best, closest, favoritest friend in real life. Those are if you post a lot of baby pictures, or you post a lot of pet pictures. I have nothing against your baby and/or pet, they just don’t interest me, so I’d rather not have to scroll past sixty three thousand posts about them to see the important stuff, like that aunt Myrtle sent me another Candycrush invite, or that the neighbor of my mom’s former realtor likes Autozone.

You can now add a third thing to that list of posts that will get you un-followed: supporting Trump.

If reading that ultimately makes you unfollow me, so be it, but first please let me state my case. To do that, I’ll need to explain who I am to you. If you came to this blog post via my Facebook page, odds are that we are probably already friends, or I am at least a friend of a friend. So what does that mean? That means that we probably like each other, or would like each other if we got to know each other. That’s good, that means that we see redeeming qualities in each other, and have pretty much the same set of base values which guide our decisions and influence our life choices. If you haven’t linked to this post via Facebook, and we are complete strangers, I’m still pretty confident that we’d be able to reach enough common ground to get along and enjoy each other’s company. After all, I’m just a regular guy, trying his best to make ends meet to support my family. I go to work every day, but I grumble about it. I care about my friends, my family, my freedoms, and my country. I like jokes. I spend too much money on trucks and motorcycles. I enjoy shooting guns, and I exercise my right to bear arms. I eat meat and I hunt. I’m also a cynical, sarcastic, pessimistic bastard who doesn’t believe anything without researching it myself first.

Based on that, if any of those things are important to you as well, even if you’re a Trump supporter, we’d still probably get along, and have a good time tipping back a few beers. That’s why I feel the need to un-follow you. Not because I think you’re a terrible horrible no good rotten person. Quite the opposite. I think you’re a great person. It just saddens me to see you voting for Donald Trump, because I think you’re getting tricked.

I don’t think Trump is who you need him to be.

If you, like me, have to work for a living, and need a healthy and robust economy to get by, Trump might not be for you. I know he has made a yuge show of campaigning in coal towns and steel towns and factory towns, telling American citizens who have been disproportionately hurt by the corruption on Wall Street and in the Capital, families who have lost everything as they watched their mill, or factory, or farm shut down, that he is going to make America great again, but here’s the thing. I think he’s lying just to get your vote. He’s not like you. He’s not like me. He’s not struggling. He’s a rich, smarmy real estate developer billionaire. He loves the status quo. As he’s sitting at the top of Trump Tower gorging on Russian caviar, Lark tongues pickled in aspic, and Columbian BamBam, and washing it all down with four hundred year old Cognac, he’s not really worrying about the plight of the American coal miner. He’s not going to help normal people like us. He hates normal people like us. Trump has been accused multiple times of not paying his contractors for work they do on his real estate developments. These accusations have occurred regularly, and began long before he started running for president, so they’re not some Democratic spin. He’s greedy and he doesn’t like paying the men and women who do actual work to build his wealth. That’s a problem for me. Additionally, Trump merchandise is made in overseas factories. If he wanted to help American workers, he could make those products here. He doesn’t. He doesn’t need to be president to build jobs and add to the economy. If he actually cared about doing that, he could have started at any time. He hasn’t. I know he says he’ll fix things for regular American families, but people say a lot of things without following through.

Next, if you, like me, know a female, Trump might not be for you. The man is undoubtedly, unequivocally, undeniably a sexist, misogynistic, asshole. Even as a Trump supporter you need to admit that. Hell, it’s part of why you like him so much. He’s a hot-headed, charismatic firebrand who speaks his mind in a system full of smooth-talking career politicians. The problem is, most of the times when he’s speaking his mind, really offensive, degrading, vile things come out. Now, you might be thinking so what, people say stuff they don’t actually mean all the time. Sure. They do. Those people aren’t representing our country at home and abroad however. If those people say the wrong thing, maybe they get sued or punched in the face. If the president says the wrong thing, bombs might fall from the sky and kill us all. Even if the stakes were lower for Trump, the fact remains that while some people say crass, rude, disgusting things, especially when they’re showboating with their pals, they don’t then follow through on those things. Unfortunately, based on the amount of women who have alleged that Trump assaulted or otherwise treated them disrespectfully, it’s looking like he does more than just talk. If you care about women and women’s rights AT ALL, you need to wash your hands of Trump. He’s tainted beef. We need to make a clear message to him, and other predatory men like him that this type of shit is NOT OKAY. A good way to make that message loud and clear is by not voting for the asshole. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re willing to forgive Trump for his disgusting actions towards women, you’d better go ahead and forgive Jerry Sandusky for what he did to dozens of little boys. Whether it’s one or one hundred, male or female, the minute you abuse a position of power over someone vulnerable, you’re an evil person. (disclaimer: Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs were ALSO horrendously inappropriate. Bill is responsible for his actions and needs to own that. Luckily, Bill Clinton isn’t running for president again. A completely separate person who is not responsible for his actions is.)

Another vulnerable group of people who you, like me, may care about, are the LGBTQ community. Now Trump personally probably doesn’t give a crap about them one way or the other. He’s a rich New Yorker, he’s probably seen some shit, so he’s not going to be as uptight about alternate lifestyles as a lot of his conservative Midwestern supporters or old-school hard-line Republicans. His running mate Mike Pence however, is vehemently anti-LGBTQ. He has made a career out of persecuting people who are different than him. Now me, personally, I have a lot of friends and family who are gay. They’re also hilarious, awesome, wonderful people that Pence is trying to silence. Even if you don’t personally know anybody who is gay, and don’t feel comfortable about lifestyles that are different from your own, I say live and let live, and mind your own damn business. Don’t legislate hate. The whole idea of this country is that everybody belongs. Everybody.

Speaking about vulnerable people, let’s mention Minorities. If you’re a minority, you’re probably not voting for Trump, and for good reason. If you’re a person who knows some minorities, and cares about them, or if you’re just not an asshole, you probably shouldn’t vote for him either. That’s a no brainer. He’s a racist endorsed by racists. He’s wildly divisive right when this country could really benefit from some more unity and brotherly love.

That ultimately is my biggest problem with Donald Trump. His entire message is one of hate and fear. I say FUCK THAT. I choose not to hate. I choose not to fear. I choose not to vote for an ill-prepared, thin-skinned, ADHD, blowhardy, non-diplomatic man-child for the President of the United States, a position which requires preparation, thick skin, calm, cool, collected diplomacy to successfully represent our country to the world.

Look, I get it, okay? I agree, our government is a cluster fuck of corruption, greed, and stupidity. I hate the establishment. I want something to change. Unfortunately, Trump isn’t the man to do it. I don’t think he’s capable, I don’t think he’s honest, and I don’t think he’s qualified. All he is, is loud. We don’t need the loudest voice to represent us. We need the best voice. If you go out and vote for Trump tomorrow, I won’t hate you or be disgusted by you. I’m not a petty little bitch like that. I will however feel sorry for you, because I think you listened to your heart in a situation that requires a decision made logically with your head, and I think you’ve been tricked by a conman.

We don’t need a firebrand for president. We need someone who is ice-cold.

You got to give Hillary that. The bitch is frigid.

About Max T Kramer

Max has been better than you at writing since the third grade. He currently lives in Connecticut, but will someday return to the desert.
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