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It’s my birthday! Buy this book I wrote!

Here is a book. I wrote this book. You should buy this book. Then, presumably, you should read this book. Then I’d appreciate it if you reviewed this book on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Intrigued? You should be. You can purchase … Continue reading

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Here’s a thing for you to read

I don’t post much of my actual fiction to this blog, for various reasons, not the least of which is that i’m still not fully certain that any of you savages can actually read, so what’s the point really. Additionally, … Continue reading

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True Fiction

Fiction, by definition, deals with information or events that are not factual.┬áIt is┬áimaginary. Made up. Unreal. Ironically, the best fiction is successful entirely because it feels real. You don’t need flowery language to create an entertaining story. You don’t need … Continue reading

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The Nature of Reality, and the Reality of Fiction

What is the true nature of reality? Is reality simply the state of things, as they exist, discretely and objectively, separate from our potentially flawed perceptions of them? How then, can we know what is real, if in the act … Continue reading

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Everybody hates Alastar Singh

I’ve been pushing around this idea for a world where all the Gods of the various pantheons, religions, cultures, and time periods are real, and they live relatively normal lives among the rest of humanity. Sure, they’re immortal, and people … Continue reading

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