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Guys, I have concerns about the Trump presidency

I have concerns, people. Legitimate, logical, common-sensical, rational, nonpartisan concerns. Honestly, I don’t really care which political party is in control. I’m no die-hard Democrat, or Republican. I’m just a bro, who up until this election was pretty much 100% … Continue reading

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The hypocrisy of hope

It’s not easy being me. I mean, as an educated, healthy, wealthy, handsome, white, cis-gendered, heterosexual male, with ready access to nutritious food, luxurious shelter, fulfilling and lucrative employment, abundant recreation, and unwavering support from friends and loved ones, I guess, … Continue reading

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I’m a straight rich white guy. My life is tough.

First of all, Happy New Year to you. With the mighty Krampus still bafflingly absent, and the Mayans once again proving themselves terrible at armageddical mathematics, I trust that your holiday season was as devastatingly peaceful and pleasant as mine. … Continue reading

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