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So you’re saying you’re a racist.

Let’s talk about privilege. I don’t think that anybody would seriously disagree that an able-bodied person is more privileged in our society than a physically handicapped person. Why would you? It’s fucking common sense. What might that privilege look like? … Continue reading

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2016 Political Post part 2 of 2

In case you missed it, I recently explained how America’s presidential election system works. You can reread that post here. Now that you know the HOW of the 2016 presidential election race, let’s meet the WHO! Although there are several additional … Continue reading

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2016 political post part 1 of 2

With 2016 upon us, and the American presidential race gaining steam, there are a lot of different political opinions being thrown about with, as per usual, the least informed people expressing the most strident opinions. Since those people don’t rely … Continue reading

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It was election day. You voted, right?

I am a proud American citizen. I don’t vote. I don’t vote, because what’s the point? The system is broken. The system is broken, and it’s the type of broken that voting can’t fix.  Let me clarify. I vote on … Continue reading

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Dear Future President of the United States,

Go to the website http://www.usdebtclock.org, and stare at it until your eyes bleed. Currently the total US debt exceeds 58 TRILLION dollars. Do you know how many dollars a trillion dollars is? Infinity dollars. This year, US federal tax revenue was something … Continue reading

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